Phone Maintenance

Choose a partner, not an OEM contract.

maintenance customers have switched to Morgan Birgé for our brand of inspired maintenance support that puts your needs first

Choose a partner, not an OEM contract.

maintenance customers have switched to Morgan Birgé
  • “I oversee Chicago-market engineering for the nation’s biggest operator of radio stations – our Avaya PBX supports on-air contests, call-ins, advertising sales reps, executives and hundreds of employees for six radio stations. MB&A maintenance has been our sole-source provider for over a decade.”

    –Bob Fukuda, Market Director of Engineering, Clear Channel Communications

Phone Maintenance Features

Custom Agreements

Any system, customizable terms

Carrier Support

No phone company runaround

Crash Kits

Critical spare parts on-site

Free Help Desk

Included for all plans

Satisfaction Guarantee

Cancel your contract if you aren’t happy

System Monitoring

24/7, 365 days a year

Lifetime System Support

No risk of OEM sunsetting

Disaster Recovery

Fastest emergency dispatch. Off-site backups

Preventative Maintenance Visits

Proactive attention and support

Case Study: Central Freight Lines

When Avaya told Central Freight Lines that their telecom infrastructure consisting of over 20 legacy Avaya PBX systems was “End of Life” and “End of Support” there were concerns that they wouldn’t be able to get the maintenance support they needed. Central Freight Lines had a five year plan to convert all of their legacy PBX systems to cloud based phone systems so purchasing expensive upgrades for all their sites simply wasn’t an option. Because Morgan Birgé doesn’t sunset legacy equipment and force our customers into unwanted upgrades and because we create maintenance agreements and contracts that fit our customers needs we were a perfect service partner for Central Freight Lines.

  • We Assessed

    After meeting with Central Freight Lines’ IT staff and analyzing and inventorying their Avaya infrastructure we created a maintenance plan that provided world class support coupled with features like onsite crash kits, free helpdesk and carrier support, that surpassed what they received from Avaya. Our service plan also and provided them with the flexibility their CFO needed as we allowed them to take their locations off maintenance coverage without penalty when they were ready to convert to the cloud based phone system.

  • We Deployed

    Proactive support is what separates us from our competition. As soon as our contract with Central Freight Lines started we dispatched a technician to all of their locations in order to check their system for errors and alarms, setup remote monitoring, obtain disaster recovery backup files and install a new UPS battery backup unit. Doing the little things at the beginning and visiting each site helped clear up system issues that we inherited from the previous vendor and made sure that all the phone systems were stable going forward. After our initial visits we sent crash kits with essential spare parts to all their locations for use in an emergency.

  • We Supported

    For the last 6 years we have provided Central Freight lines with excellent support. Our helpdesk has worked hand in hand with their IT department to ensure voice communication between their freight terminals is always working and crash kits with spare parts ensures that if there is an outage we can recover quickly. In addition to providing excellent support for their legacy systems we also have assisted their IT staff with the transition to their cloud based phone systems, ensuring that their new technology is properly configured to support all of their locations.