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For over 24 years, we’ve provided the best service in the industry.

For over 23 years, we’ve provided the best service in the industry.

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  • Open, honest communication from a company we have come to trust based on years of solid support. MB&A has an honest, no hassle approach to keeping communication technology up and running.

    Jon Beaudet- Bailey Nursery

  • Moving my maintenance over to Morgan Birgé was a no brainer after I sat down and talked with them. The sales team made me feel confident that I would be getting better treatment with my contract and wouldn’t be pressured to purchase new equipment every other year. When calling in repairs my team at Morgan Birgé are very knowledgeable  and  usually have it figured out within minutes of the call.

    Jeff Davids – Hinshaw Culbertson

Phone Support Services/Solutions


Moves, adds, and changes.

Structured Cabling

Low voltage voice and data network wiring.

Call Center

Design and support for your contact center.


Comprehensive sourcing, fast delivery.


Custom phone solutions for your telecommuters.

Call Accounting

Productivity, accountability, and billing support.

Case Study: St. Anthony Hospital

When the legacy Avaya phone system at St. Anthony Hospital, an independent, faith-based, acute care, community hospital in Chicago, was moved to “End of Life” and “End of Support” status by Avaya they needed a telecommunications partner that could extend the useful life of their phone system. St. Anthony didn’t have the necessary budget to upgrade their current system or forklift a new one so it was important that they continue using their current system but still have peace of mind that they wouldn’t suffer any unnecessary downtime on the phone system at the hospital, jeopardizing patient care. Because Morgan Birgé doesn’t sunset legacy equipment and our technicians are experienced on the older Avaya platforms we were an ideal partner and one of the few in the industry that could put together an all inclusive maintenance support plan that met all of St. Anthony’s needs.

  • The Morgan Birgé sales team and technicians surveyed the existing system at St. Anthony Hospital to find any potential issues that needed to be remedied immediately and put together a maintenance coverage plan that provided expert level support, disaster recovery planning and saved St. Anthony Hospital money compared to what they were paying Avaya for maintenance.

  • Proactive service is the most important part of phone system maintenance. As soon as St. Anthony became a customer we performed an initial preventative maintenance service visit to collect offsite backups for the phone system and voicemail system, setup 24×7 monitoring and alarm notification and audit the systems to clear any errors or alarms that may cause issues in the future. Doing the little things at the beginning and properly on-boarding new customers ensures that we solve minor problems before they become major issues and that we have the pieces in place to recover in the event of a disaster.

  • The maintenance coverage we provide St. Anthony Hospital has extended the life of a system that Avaya deemed “End of Life” by 10 years. In addition to providing outstanding maintenance coverage for the hospital, we now also provide a dedicated onsite Avaya technician two days a week to perform all of the moves adds and changes that the hospital requires.