VOIP Network Readiness Assessment

When you decide to upgrade to a Voice over IP phone system, whether that is a traditional premised based system or a cloud-hosted solution the first thing on your mind should be: is my network ready for VOIP? VOIP opens you up to the world of Unified Communications where your email, cell phone, tablet and other crucial business applications can all communicate with each other, but in order to take advantage of that you need to take some steps to ensure your data network and IT infrastructure are ready for it. Just because you have an existing data switch and networks of PCs, server and their related applications doesn’t mean you are ready for VOIP.

Data Switches from Adtran

Voice communication on your data network takes place in real time and delays or data packet loss can’t be recovered from. Voice communication needs to take place without delay or loss. Customers who implement VOIP before their network is ready and expect the same level of call quality that they had on phone calls over a traditional copper wire connection will be sorely disappointed. For the last 10 years Morgan Birgé has been helping our customers assess whether or not their network is ready for VOIP. We look at your entire network, including the low voltage wiring infrastructure to ensure that there will be no hiccups when a VOIP solution is implemented.  A robust data switch that is properly provisioned for VOIP traffic is the most important part of your network’s VOIP infrastructure.  A data switch from a partner of ours like Adtran is essentially the traffic cop for your network, it identifies and prioritizes traffic, ensuring that voice communication flows smoothly without interruption.

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