Avoid the Upgrade Costs – Invest in PBX Maintenance and Support

Despite advancements in email and smartphone technology, your private branch exchange (PBX) phone system is still the backbone of your business.

But too many businesses don’t take care of their phones. PBX maintenance isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity.

A good private branch exchange phone system can make or break a business. Businesses of all sizes need a reliable way to communicate; phones have always been the best way.

You don’t have to spend a fortune upgrading to a brand new system to keep your phones up and your staff connected. Phone system maintenance goes a long way in saving you money. There’s a cost effective way to ensure your phones don’t fail your business.

If you’ve got a phone system but you don’t have a partner to support it, Morgan Birgé can help you now and in the future.

Why NOT Upgrade your phone system?

Upgrading to an all-new system with modern bells and whistles sounds very appealing. But the attractive qualities don’t usually make up for the downsides.

It’s Costly

A new system can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can count on a rough estimate of $2,000 per employee once you add up the labor and equipment costs. But that’s not all.

Upgrading an entire phone system means new phones for your entire staff. Each individual employee that uses a phone will need the new model.

It may also mean rewiring and rerouting throughout your business location. This drives up costs for parts, and it drives up costs for labor to install. If you’re not sure that upgrading your system is necessary, you may be throwing lots of money away.

It’s Risky

Your company created all its current processes around the existing system. Are you sure you’re ready to upgrade? If you attempt to solve one problem by upgrading your PBX, you might create a whole world of new problems. Have you considered every possible angle of a new system?

Firstly, there’s the downtime required for the actual installation. Secondly, and more importantly, there’s the time required for the staff to learn to use the new system. Employee retraining (and potential lost business) can contribute as much to the final costs as the equipment itself.

Does Upgrading Your Phone System Align With Your Long Term Company Vision?

Upgrading isn’t necessarily the wrong answer. After all, technology does age while a living business evolves.

But if you’re a business owner, you must definitively answer this question before you upgrade:

Do my long term business goals depend on switching from one phone system to another?

PBX Maintenance for Cost Effective Support and Issue Prevention

You don’t need to commit to a whole new phone system. Instead, invest in PBX support from Morgan Birgé. We are a team of professionals with experience keeping phones running. The near-term and long-term costs are much, much lower, and your business benefits from greater stability.

An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Repairs

So the old adage goes, prevention is preferable. If you run into issues, it’s already too late. It’s far better to maintain your phone system than to repair it.

If you don’t already have a partner to maintain your PBX for your business, contact Morgan Birgé right away.

We Can Help Support and Maintain Your Existing Phone System

Morgan Birgé has supported a wide range of PBX brands for over two decades. Our consultative approach carries the philosophy of prevention rather than reaction. We work with businesses of all sizes, and we can work with your business, too.

No Need for an OEM Maintenance Contract

We offer custom agreements, because each business is unique. We work with you directly to make sure there’s no confusion about your business’s PBX needs. We can help you keep your phones dusted, cooled, and connected for as long as the technology is still workable.

We bring carrier support without the phone company runaround. We service any brand from Nortel to Avaya to ShorTel to Cisco. And we don’t force you into an unfavorable contract.

Legacy PBX Maintenance and Support Available

We even offer legacy phone system maintenance after manufacturers sunset their support. Just because a manufacturer doesn’t provide customer support doesn’t mean the equipment has to stop functioning.

We Can Help Guide You to Upgrades When Necessary

When you upgrade, you don’t need to change everything out all at once. Our consultative approach can also help with upgrades on individual components.

Bridging the Divide from Old Tech to New

Smartphones, laptops and other mobile devices mean mobility and freedom for the staff. Businesses can thrive when the workers aren’t tethered to an office. But is your phone system holding you back? Consider a minor upgrade of external rerouting and two-way voicemail fetching.

By connecting your PBX to mobile devices, the whole world becomes your place of business. Give us a call, we can help you make this a reality.

Hybrid Upgrades for Cost Effective Migration Over Time

From switch to software, Morgan Birgé can help with selection and installation of individual components. We know the foreseeable issues because we’ve seen them all, and we can help put safeguards in place. Over time, your PBX will keep up with your business – without the major cost of a complete upgrade.

We can consult if your business needs to upgrade to an entire all-new PBX system

As previously mentioned, sometimes a complete overhaul is necessary. If your office is moving to a new building, that may be a good time to upgrade, for example.

Again, it’s wiser to work with experience consultants than to guess.

Dual Integration of Business Voicemail from One Phone System to the Next

Voicemail is the saving grace for when someone can’t answer your phones. But will your voicemail survive a move or an upgrade? Morgan Birgé can help you keep your voicemail active while transitioning.

Planning and Strategy for the Long Term

We’re not here to sell you a system. We’re here to help your business succeed for the long term. Our experienced team offers PBX maintenance and support at a price you’ll love.

Call us today (800-652-4181) and ask how our PBX support can serve your business!

About the author
Simon Welling is the Managing Partner of Morgan Birge and Associates. With a dynamic career trajectory that began with overseeing critical operations and service delivery at Morgan Birge. Possessing an innate knack for bridging technical intricacies with business strategy, Simon’s leadership has focused on the customer and delivering excellence in managed service solutions. His journey from managing technical operations to the helm of the company epitomizes his commitment to driving success through a deep-rooted understanding of the industry’s nuances and his desire to solve complex telecommunications problems for his customers.
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