Powerful and Convenient – is Microsoft Office 365 Right For Your Business?

Most business owners would agree that Microsoft Office is great—but you’re not always in an office, are you?

Your email works, and your employees succeed with Word and Excel. Your PowerPoint presentations get the job done. But nothing happens when your team isn’t at their desks in some office somewhere, right?

Your business software doesn’t need to stay limited to the desktop computers in an office. It’s easier than ever to modernize your business for remote employees, travel, and more. You can even reduce costs with one convenient solution: Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 makes all your favorite Microsoft Office tools available everywhere you go. It’s a cloud-based subscription to the MS tools you already use that gives you and your entire team access to your work files on any laptop or Microsoft-enabled device at any time.

You can stay connected and up to date with almost no effort. Your business won’t have to wait for you to make it into the office. You can expand your reach and keep all records, projects, and reporting up to date in real time.

Best of all, you will empower yourself and your employees for the future. Are you ready to move your business forward in the 21st Century?

As you read about it below, don’t worry about the hassles of the upgrade – Morgan Birgé can handle this all for you.

Don’t Change Your Business Model – Change Your Solutions

Perhaps you’ve heard of Microsoft Office 365; you may even know another business owner who’s made the switch. But is it for you?

You might need this solution more than you think.

Have you ever been stuck at an airport without a file you needed to work on? Have you ever dealt with the headaches of round-robin style teamwork? Have you ever been on a phone call away from the office and needed to access those work emails to answer a question? Have you ever taken a day at home with a sick child and wished you had your work computer with you while they napped?

If your answer to any of these – or any number of other questions about work file access – is yes, consider Office 365. With a subscription to Microsoft Office 365, these headaches disappear.

Upgrading to Office 365 for Business might seem like a big change, but have no fear. It’s comprised of the same MS Office software tools everyone already uses. It’s the leading software suite for email, word processing, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

Office 365 for Business gives you all the same tools. You’ll have cloud-based web enabled access anywhere, anytime. Work wherever you are, on any device that uses a Microsoft platform! This can be a laptop, a desktop computer at home, even a Microsoft Windows smartphone or tablet.

Better still, Office 365 gives you a new element of scalability. With Office 365, it’s easy to add and remove users as needed. There’s no need to buy extra devices or software packages.

Businesses everywhere have been adopting Office 365. In fact, last year Office 365 revenue surpassed regular Microsoft Office software licenses.

Are these other businesses radically changing? No. Are they radically improving? You bet!

More Reliable and Secure than Ever

The trouble with any software is that most of us aren’t software engineers. What happens when your software crashes? What happens when support team no longer supports your product?

With Microsoft Office 365, these concerns disappear. The network boasts a 99.9% uptime rating. That’s as good a rating as you could ask for with any software.

Files getting lost? Not anymore. You can store all your files securely across multiple devices. Even if you lose one device, your files are in the cloud. You can access them again, and the most recent saves will be there waiting for you.

Office 365 customers agree that crashes and lost files are a thing of the past. And best of all, Office 365 gives you enterprise-level file security for any size business.

Keep the Company Connected

Office 365 is a proven solution, solid and secure. But are you still thinking about risks? Or are you thinking about what you can actually do with this freedom and reliability?

Business-Class Email

Perhaps the most powerful and useful of all Microsoft Office 365’s features is its business-class email hosting. No business can succeed these days without email. Businesses need reliability, security, and accessibility at all times.

Microsoft Business Email can be synched to any device, so you never miss a message again. The most powerful tool in modern business is now available anywhere you go. Cloud-based email hosting ensures that you and your staff can communicate in real-time. Best of all, you don’t need to rearrange anything when you switch devices!

You’ll get business-class email hosting with features like custom email addresses for your employees, shared calendars, and enterprise-level security.

If this sounds complex, don’t worry – Morgan Birgé is here to help with 24-hour support!

Perfect for Multi-Device Workers

Chances are you or someone on your staff already uses more than one device – a laptop and a smartphone, maybe also a tablet.

Office 365 gives you and your workers a smooth, seamless connection to the work at hand. With projects and files accessible on any device, productivity increases by double-digit percentiles.

Perfect for Multiple-Staff Projects

When more than one person works on a project, at some point all the work needs to come together. It’s tricky enough when they work independently and need to integrate later. What about those projects where several people work simultaneously on the same issue? (For example, multiple parts of a PowerPoint slideshow.)

With access to the same file sets, there’s no version confusion, and overlap is reduced to an absolute minimum.

The result: projects get completed more quickly, with more creativity, better collaboration, and higher chances of success.

Skype for Business Cloud PBX Included

With Office 365, businesses get 60 monthly minutes of Skype for Business. You can get more as needed.

Skype for Business gives you a cloud-based private branch exchange (PBX) — in other words, your business’s internal phone system.

Using a cloud-based phone system eliminates a lot of the costs of a land-based system. Not only can you still place holds, transfer, forward, and record calls, you can use your cell phones. There’s no more need to be at your desk, conducting business with your old phone.

You’ll still have voicemail, too, as well as instant notifications when one comes in. You’ll be able to reply much faster than your competitors.

By default, Microsoft’s phone system is encrypted for added privacy and security. No outside services or virtual private networks are required.

No Need to Spend Time or Money Updating Company Devices

We know that a lot of business owners have gotten burned by hidden costs before. Upgrading your business tools is a big decision, especially with software. And software companies love to force you to pay to upgrade.

This is not the case with Microsoft Office 365, though. With Office 365, all upgrades come included, as soon as they are ready . You won’t have to worry about waiting for bug patches or security enhancements. You certainly won’t have to worry about paying extra surprise fees for them.

Office 365 users can always keep their software current. Your employees will receive upgrades throughout the life of your Office 365 subscription. This means minimal downtime for the upgrades, and minimal lost time. That ensures lower costs to keep things operating smoothly.

With Office 365, your staff can access their Microsoft Office tools no matter where they are. All their devices will be secure, efficient and productive!

Getting started with Microsoft Office 365 has never been easier. Morgan Birgé in Chicago provides the service and technology to launch your business into the future.

Email Hosting Transition and Service, Plus 24/7 Phone and Web Support

Morgan Birgé is known for support on the phone side. But did you know we can also help you make the transition to Microsoft Office 365 email hosting? We even provide ongoing support once you’re up and running.

Morgan Birgé offers convenient, turnkey solutions for the installation, migration and implementation of the cloud based Microsoft Office 365 email system. If you haven’t investigated Microsoft Office 365 hosted email system yet, now may be the time!

Contact us at: 800-652-4181 – inquiry@morganbirge.com, or use the contact form below.

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