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Keeping Communication Smooth with Avaya Session Manager

Businesses that don’t communicate well don’t last very long. So communications are key. Departments need to stay in contact with employees, customers, suppliers, and more. And when communications don’t work well, businesses suffer.

“Touchpoints” and “communications” are phrases that get tossed around a lot these days. They seem to lose all meaning when there’s no practical application. For example: “Our communications are based on meaningful touchpoints with customers and sales.”

What does it mean to be meaningful? What communications are we even talking about?

The world we live in has a wide range of ways to communicate, and every individual has their own preference. Businesses must adapt to the style of communication required in any situation. Avaya Aura Session Manager is a software system designed for exactly that.

It’s a SIP routing and integration tool within the Aura Enterprise Edition. According to Avaya:

“Session Manager offers a simplified network-wide feature deployment; centralized routing, SIP trunking, and user profiles; cost-effective scalability (from small to very large deployments); high availability with geographic redundancy; and a secure environment that conforms to specific SIP standards and practices.”

What Does It Mean?

That’s a lot of technological terminology; here’s what it means.

In a nutshell: it’s a centralized system that connects third-party PBX’s with Avaya’s Aura platform. Centralized management (including user profiles and more) is its most attractive feature.

With a single point of control, networks and PBX’s from different manufacturers work together seamlessly. This helps businesses keep communications clear for customers. It’s also easy for staff, and MUCH less expensive to maintain.

If your business already uses the Aura platform, this tool will keep it focused.

Routing directives become clear and easy to manipulate. You control routing with unprecedented ease. Options include time of day, load balancing and policy-based alternate routing. You control it all.

By normalizing disparate networks, Session Manager allows all your existing equipment to function together. This means you don’t need to spend huge sums of money to upgrade your staff’s physical equipment. If your company has been around awhile, or if you’ve recently merged, you may have several series of phones and dial plan domains that normally wouldn’t cooperate. Session Manager provides the foundation needed.

Centralized SIP trunking allows sharing of SIP trunks throughout an enterprise. When calls from one PBX via a service provider go over the network through a second service provider to another PBX, then both PBX’s need to provide the SIP trunks. Session Manager allows the PBX’s to share the trunks. This helps reduce costs for enterprises and speed up call efficiency.

Keeping It All Together

Aura Session Manager also acts as a connector for more applications. If your business uses Avaya Modular Messaging, Avaya Voice Portal, or Avaya Meeting Exchange, Session Manager allows you to manage these all in one place.

With a long list of features for businesses, the Avaya Session Manager system helps keep those “touchpoints” and “communications” functioning and accessible. Most in-house IT teams should be capable of managing this easy-to-use centralized system.

Let Morgan Birgé Help

If you’ve been thinking of transitioning to the Avaya Aura system, contact Morgan Birgé and Associates to help with the Avaya Session Manager installation and setup. (While your in-house team should be able to manage it, they may not be able to install it. That’s quite common.)

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