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Making Sense of the Latest Avaya Release

The latest Avaya release is always something to take note of — if you’re in the habit of upgrading regularly. This summer Avaya released the new IP Office with Avaya Equinox. This is a new cloud-based portfolio of business solutions. They also released a list of business upgrade download options.

Avaya releases things all year long. It was software downloads in the spring and a version upgrade last December. It’s endless.

Upgrading an Avaya system is no small task. A world-class IP office platform takes time, effort and training to set up. Migrating to something new takes even more of that. It usually takes more money as well. And, of course, you’ve got to get your staff up to speed, which can take more time and money.

Some business owners stay hip to the latest Avaya release because they like looking cool. Most business owners, though, just need phones to work properly. They’ve got more on their minds than being the cool kid on the block with the newest toys.

These are the businesses we work with the most. Our customers rely on us to keep their phones working and their voicemail delivering. In other words: we help keep their business running.

Upgrading phones is like buying a new car. Sometimes you want the flash of the newest Cadillac. But generally, you only need a way to get from place to place. Do you need to spend a years’ profits on a new machine? Chances are you can maintain your current car for a lot cheaper and still get where you’re going.

Keeping Up With Avaya

Every situation is unique, of course. No two businesses are exactly the same, and no two moments in time are the same for any one business. If you’re running an Avaya system and the time is right for your business to upgrade – maybe to expand your footprint, or level up your staff’s technical capabilities – then yes, you’ll want to keep your eye on what Avaya’s up to.

Avaya has recently released an enhanced IP Office solution to bring all their business solutions into one app. This may not be at all necessary for your business – or it may be exactly what you’re waiting for.

Have you been hearing encouragement from Avaya to upgrade, but don’t know what they’re talking about?

We can help with that.

We stay current on the latest Avaya releases and we maintain our knowledge of legacy systems. That means that no matter when you got started with your business phone system, we can help you put it together. We can also help you use it to its optimal potential. And—most importantly—we can keep it running for as long as your hardware stays in one piece.

A Level Above the Ordinary

Most in-house level-1 IT teams can perform basic troubleshooting. But that’s not the same as expert maintenance and repairs of an entire complex PBX. Your business needs a partner who can handle the big jobs AND the small jobs the right way.

Morgan Birgé has years of experience maintaining Avaya systems. We also install and customize the latest Avaya business offerings.

Avaya’s technology may advance, but their mission is always the same: to help keep your business in business. That’s our mission, too, and hiring Morgan Birgé and Associates can save your business thousands of dollars in costs and time.

Give us a call if you need to understand what the most recent announcements from Avaya mean, or if you need help maintaining your Avaya PBX system.

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