Legacy Nortel Maintenance – You Don’t Need to Switch!

Global communication company Avaya purchased Nortel in 2009. It didn’t take long afterwards for little changes to start. After all, that’s almost always what happens when a company buys another company.

But that meant Nortel customers fell into uncertainty over the future of their telecommunications.

One little change that crept in was the sunsetting of support for legacy Nortel products. The reality of upgrading was thrust upon businesses who weren’t quite ready for it. But upgrading an entire telecommunications system is complex, difficult, and very, very expensive.

But even today, as a Nortel customer, you can save money and keep your existing legacy Nortel phone setup. Our Nortel legacy maintenance service gives your legacy Nortel system professional, expert support. We offer support for the life of your existing products. You don’t have to switch to a newer system until you are ready to do so.

We’re more than just an IT team. We offer Nortel managed services because we understand that businesses need support.

Don’t Be Forced – Upgrade On Your Own Terms

When Avaya declares they will end support for legacy products, they imply that it’s time to invest in a new system. But you don’t need to upgrade just because the manufacturer says so.

The system that’s already in place will continue to function as before. But the manufacturer will not train their staff to help maintain, repair, or solve issues.

Upgrading is not necessarily a bad thing. You may later decide to upgrade as part of a forward-moving business strategy. But businesses should make that decision themselves, when the time is right, not beholden to any third party manufacturer.

But maintenance and repairs are necessary with any given telecommunications system. This is a universal truth. And you can get the support you need, even after the Nortel official support ends.

Keep Your Nortel Legacy System Maintained by Professionals

You can keep your legacy Nortel phone system running and operating as it has for a long time. But unless you want to invest in an in-house team of specialists, you’ll need to hire an external phone support team.

Morgan Birgé & Associates keeps a trained staff of experts for Nortel customers. Our legacy Nortel managed services keep systems running for you.

A reliable partner is worth its weight in gold. Our customers rely on us long after Nortel sunsets its support for their system. They invested lots into their Nortel products. Their investments continue to pay off over the years with our team.

With Morgan Birgé & Associates, Nortel customers avoid the costs and headaches of upgrading. They also avoid lost business caused by downtime to switch.

Nortel Managed Services for Ongoing Success With Your Original Investment

Businesses often need more maintenance than anticipated after the manufacturer’s support ends. Businesses also don’t realize they have more options.

Morgan Birge & Associates offers the reliability of a professional team. Our Nortel managed services are open and able to address any issue that businesses need.

Custom setups need expert service. We’ve provided the industry’s top level of service for over two decades.

Read our case studies to learn more.

Contact Morgan Birgé & Associates About Legacy Nortel Managed Services

You don’t need to invest in a whole new system. Instead, invest in succeeding with your existing system. You’ll save money in both the short term and the long term.

With MB&A as your partner, your legacy Nortel phones will keep your business operating as smoothly as ever for a long time.

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Simon Welling is the Managing Partner of Morgan Birge and Associates. With a dynamic career trajectory that began with overseeing critical operations and service delivery at Morgan Birge. Possessing an innate knack for bridging technical intricacies with business strategy, Simon’s leadership has focused on the customer and delivering excellence in managed service solutions. His journey from managing technical operations to the helm of the company epitomizes his commitment to driving success through a deep-rooted understanding of the industry’s nuances and his desire to solve complex telecommunications problems for his customers.
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