Legacy Avaya Systems: Maintenance & Support for Continued Success

When Avaya decided to sunset customer support for legacy systems, many businesses capitulated. They spent huge amounts of money to upgrade to a new system…just because Avaya stopped training their support staff.

But you don’t need to spend that kind of money if your business isn’t ready. Just because a manufacturer has decided to stop supporting your phone system doesn’t mean your phone system has decided to stop working.

You can save money and avoid the hassle of retraining an entire staff of a new system. Morgan Birgé offers legacy Avaya systems support for businesses of all sizes.

You’ve already bought the system – now keep it running. Call us today!

Upgrading is Optional

You can upgrade to a new PBX if you want to, but you don’t have to. You can save money if you resist the siren call to a shiny new product. Your existing phone systems can still do exactly what your business needs them to do.

They keep your internal communication clean and safe. They make it easy for your external customers to get hold of the right people. They record and store voicemails.

If you’re going to upgrade, ask yourself: what do you need from the new system that your legacy Avaya system doesn’t have?

Maintain Your Avaya Legacy System for Years to Come

Of course, every phone system new and old requires maintenance. Wires need to stay cool and dust free. Software needs debugging. Products need minor repairs from time to time. The list goes on.

The easy choice for businesses is to sign up for the manufacturer’s support. This usually comes with a lengthy contract and ends when the manufacturer decides – not when the business decides.

But you’re not left out in the lurch. Our experts are fully trained in legacy Avaya systems maintenance and support, and we won’t sunset that support. As long as your phones are capable of working, we’ll help you take care of them.

No Contracts, No Worries

Unlike many phone system OEMs, Morgan Birgé and Associates doesn’t force you into a contract. We understand businesses operate on their own timelines. We choose to support businesses, and not the other way around.

We don’t force contracts for Avaya phone system support, or for any other brand we service. And because we know that every business is unique, we won’t slap some cookie cutter solution onto you. All our services can be customized to fit your timeline and budget.

Will You Ever Have to Upgrade?

Of course, you’ll have to upgrade at some point in the future. Even mountains crumble to the sea over time.

But that’s not necessarily the near future. As long as your Avaya legacy system can function, we can help keep it functioning.

With regular, ongoing maintenance and 24/7 support that never sunsets, your phones will last until they disintegrate. Our engineers have the training and experience to keep your Avaya phones operational.

As with all things, proper care and maintenance will extend the life of your legacy Avaya system. Call Morgan Birgé before you need repairs, and we can help avoid the need for repairs. The sooner you call, the more money your business will save.

Call us today (800-652-4181) and ask how we can keep your business’ phones up and running for the long haul.

Legacy Avaya Systems
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