Legacy Avaya Service – Save Money and Keep Your Existing Phones

For many businesses, phones are the lifeline. Without consistent phone system functionality, they’d go under in a very, very short time

So when Avaya sunsets their support of a legacy product, they give businesses two choices: upgrade or die. Every phone system needs maintenance and support from time to time. Avaya will no longer provide that maintenance and support.

But upgrading is very costly. Not only is there the price of the actual products and their installation, there’s also the time and money it takes to retrain your entire staff. There will also be unforeseen issues with any new system.

What Avaya doesn’t mention is that there is a third option: third party legacy Avaya service. If your business uses a legacy product from Avaya, you don’t have to upgrade. You can save money and keep your current phone setup. Morgan Birgé & Associates’ Avaya alternative support means your legacy Avaya system will still have professional, expert support, and your business can continue as planned.

We’re more than a simple IT team. We’re the best Avaya alternative support team out there. We understand more than just technology – we understand businesses.

Upgrading Your Legacy Avaya System is a Choice, Not an Imperative

Avaya is a forward-thinking phone manufacturer that consistently innovates in their field. So when they say they will sunset their support, all they mean is they will no longer dedicate their own staff to support the product. It does not mean that the phone system at your business will no longer work. Your phones are well made, and will continue to serve your business for a long time to come.

There is no inherent problem with the idea of upgrading. But you don’t have to do it if your business is not in a position to. Upgrading may be the right choice later on, but you, the business owner, get to make that decision. Your existing phones are still going to work.

You don’t need to upgrade when the manufacturer says so. You can keep your phones. But all systems need support. There are always outages, errors, mishaps and general maintenance issues that arise. If the manufacturer will not support you, you’ll need a new support team.

Having a Team of Experts Will Help Your Business for the Long Term, Too

If your business uses an Avaya PBX system, that’s no easy setup. If your own internal staff isn’t already trained in PBX maintenance, it’s not worth the time and money to train them. You’re better off with a professional company with decades of experience.

By hiring Morgan Birgé and Associates, businesses avoid the costs of upgrading before they are ready. Furthermore, they avoid lost business caused by downtime, unseen errors, and extensive training.

A reliable partner is worth its weight in gold. Our customers rely on us for long after a manufacturer sunsets its support for their systems. They’ve invested heavily into their phone setups. Their investments continue to pay off for years and years.

We’ll provide your legacy Avaya service for as long as you keep it in use. You should upgrade in your own time, without forcing the change in your long term strategy. We can help with that.

But, of course, there are plenty of phone service companies. What makes Morgan Birgé and Associates the best?

The answer is simple: flexibility.

Avaya Managed Services for Your Business’s Lasting Success

Businesses often need more maintenance and repair services than they expect. This is especially true after the manufacturer’s support ends.

Businesses also don’t realize they have more options.

Our Avaya managed services offer professional reliability. Our openness empowers us to address any issue that businesses need. And we work without locking you into a contract.

Our flexibility gives your business freedom and confidence. Our customers appreciate it, and they rely on us for as long as they keep their legacy Avaya systems.

Contact Morgan Birgé & Associates About Avaya Managed Services

You don’t need to invest in a whole new system; rather, invest in succeeding with your existing system. You’ll save money in both the short term and the long term.

If you need managed legacy PBX support for your legacy Avaya system, reach out to us today. We’ll keep your phones ringing.

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Simon Welling is the Managing Partner of Morgan Birge and Associates. With a dynamic career trajectory that began with overseeing critical operations and service delivery at Morgan Birge. Possessing an innate knack for bridging technical intricacies with business strategy, Simon’s leadership has focused on the customer and delivering excellence in managed service solutions. His journey from managing technical operations to the helm of the company epitomizes his commitment to driving success through a deep-rooted understanding of the industry’s nuances and his desire to solve complex telecommunications problems for his customers.
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