So Your Legacy Intuity Audix Voicemail System Has Died. What Now?

Has your Intuity Audix system failed? You may need to upgrade your whole communications system.

Hasn’t failed yet? You may need to upgrade your system anyway.

But then again, maybe not…

The End of Legacy Intuity Audix

Over a decade ago, Avaya announced the end of sale (and subsequent end of support life) for legacy Intuity Audix voicemail and messaging systems. And, as with any machine that does anything at all, eventually the platform will wear out and die.

So if you’re running your PBX on this legacy system, chances are all your individual units are close to the mean time before failure.

This is hardly surprising. They are not living things, but machines do get old and die. Cars, air conditioners, phone systems — they all have a shelf life.

The same is true of software – although it’s less of a physical deterioration and more of a software problem. Failure to keep up with other evolving software platforms means your Intuity Audix voicemail will eventually cease to function properly.

This isn’t something to be sad about, it’s simply a fact of the natural world. Nothing lasts forever.

But you shouldn’t sit back and accept fate as it comes. You definitely need to do something about those phones.

How to Cope With the Loss of Voicemail Functionality

After Avaya announced end of sale for the legacy Intuity Audix system, they announced end of support life as well.

All this means is that the manufacturer won’t provide support for this system. It doesn’t mean customers can’t get support from a third party.

Business doesn’t stop just because the phones wear out or because the voicemail platform is too old. Every small, medium, or big business in the world needs effective phones to keep moving forward. Outside help is not only smart, it’s necessary.

That leaves you with two options: pay a bunch of money and upgrade to a new system, or save a bunch of money by keeping your existing system running.

If one or two old phones falls apart, that’s no reason to panic. You can replace an individual unit with old phones and parts.

But rather than replacing phones one at a time, you should hire a team to maintain the units and keep them in good condition before it comes to that.

If your company hasn’t had any problems yet with your Intuity Audix voicemail, that’s great. But you may be closer than you think to tech failure.

Or, if you feel it’s time to upgrade anyway, you don’t need to shell out a fortune to get it purchased and installed. Hire the right team and you’ll not only get it done right, you’ll get the most affordable rates. Third-party Avaya alternative support is more accessible than you may think.

So if you’re looking for a partner with an excellent reputation for customer service and the technical expertise to keep you running OR to help you migrate to a newer software-based communication system such as AVST, contact Morgan Birgé and Associates today (800-652-4181). Our Avaya managed services branch to every conceivable situation to keep your business communications effective and efficient.

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