Chromebooks for Education

We have recently seen rapid adoption of Chromebooks by the IT departments and Technology teachers at many of our K-12 school districts and private schools. Chromebooks were made to lower your total cost of ownership. Devices start at $149 and when coupled with Morgan Birgé and Associates IT service or an IT maintenance plan the support is taken care of. Chromebooks are very easy to manage, you can set them up in minutes and centrally manage 10 or 10,000 devices across your school, district or region. They are also perfect for sharing as multiple students can share a device but have a personal experience just by signing in.  This mean a first grade student can easily use the same Chromebook as a fifth grade student.

Chromebooks have a 61% lower total cost of ownership than Windows based laptops or PCs. They take 93% less time to deploy and 68% less labor to deploy, meaning your IT staff can spend their time on other important projects.  Also, Chromebooks are so easy to use that even teachers who aren’t IT savvy will no problem supporting their own technology initiatives once the Chromebooks are up and running.   Chromebooks have multiple layers of security to keep them safe from viruses and malware without any additional security software. With Google Drive, all files are backed up online, safely and securely, even if the Chromebook accidently takes a swan dive off of a desk.

We recently implemented a Chromebook solution for our customer Glenwood Academy, a nonprofit, private boarding school for children in grades 2-8 that are academically capable but come from challenging circumstances. Morgan Birgé acts as Glenwood’s full IT staff via a robust IT maintenance plan, so a solution that was low maintenance, cost effective and able to be easily shared by multiple students meant that Chromebooks was a natural solution for Glenwood Academy. Follow this link to learn how much time and money Chromebooks can save for your school.

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Simon Welling is the Managing Partner of Morgan Birge and Associates. With a dynamic career trajectory that began with overseeing critical operations and service delivery at Morgan Birge. Possessing an innate knack for bridging technical intricacies with business strategy, Simon’s leadership has focused on the customer and delivering excellence in managed service solutions. His journey from managing technical operations to the helm of the company epitomizes his commitment to driving success through a deep-rooted understanding of the industry’s nuances and his desire to solve complex telecommunications problems for his customers.
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