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Communication, Communication, Communication.

Every business is in the business of communicating. This is how businesses thrive: communicating information, communicating ideas, communicating value. Between customers and among staff, communication is crucial.

For businesses that communicate in several different ways, it’s easy to lose control. Collaboration across teams gets messy in a hurry. Having staff in different locations can be chaotic, especially when they are in different time zones.

We get it. And there’s usually no simple answer – or, at least, no simple solution. A simple answer may come from a company that specializes in business communications, but their answer is never one easy thing. It usually takes a lot of work.

Software designed for tackling these issues can help. For many businesses, and Avaya Aura Communication Manager is the answer. This all-in-one platform connects traditional phone systems with digital, H.323, and SIP communication devices. Avaya’s singular communications environment means consistency for staff and customers. Businesses who’ve used it report better productivity from their staff. They also report reduced waste, as well as improved customer support and service.

But while it is designed to be the ideal solution for reining in the craziness, the system itself is massively complex. This software system requires experts to set up and maintain. Avaya promises conferencing, mobility, video, and collaborative applications. These sound wonderful, but employees and IT staff need training.

Avaya Aura Communication Manager

Avaya Aura Communication Manager is a great solution for many businesses. But like all Avaya products, it requires frequent updates. This means regular maintenance and occasional repairs. It’s beyond the capabilities of most in-house teams—that’s why you need Morgan Birgé and Associates.

We’ve got teams all over to help business teams stay efficient and connected wherever they are. From installation to setup to maintenance and repairs, Morgan Birgé is your team. We can help unify your business communications with Avaya Aura Communications Manager.

If you think this platform may be the way forward for your business, give us a call. Here’s how our process typically works:

Call Morgan Birgé and Associates – Talk to one of our experts. We can help determine if this is right for your business. We’ll get into the technical aspects, as well as your company’s long-term goals. We’ll show you how Avaya Aura Communications Manager can—or can’t—help you get there.
Make a Plan – We’ll devise a custom tailored plan for your company. Since we know the software, we know how it’ll apply to your everyday operations. We’ll have a plan to configure redundancy, virtualization, and fault tolerance to ensure you stay efficient while staying connected.
Get Started – Once you understand the plan and how it’ll help your business, we can get hands to the wires. We’ll work at the best hours to ensure minimal loss of productivity. You’ll be up and running in no time and we’ll help train your staff to use the new platform.
Monitor – We’ll keep an eye out to spot any issues before they turn into real problems.

Your Team of IT Experts From Start to Finish

Whether you’ve been thinking about Avaya Aura Communications Manager for a long time or you’ve never heard of it till today, it’s a powerful platform worth any business owner’s attention.

Call Morgan Birgé and Associates today for more information on this software suite. We can help you make the right decision for unified business communications!

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