Managing the Avaya Session Manager | Help and Maintenance

Keeping Communication Smooth with Avaya Session Manager Businesses that don’t communicate well don’t last very long. So communications are key. Departments need to stay in contact with employees, customers, suppliers, and more. And when communications don’t work well, businesses suffer. “Touchpoints” and “communications” are phrases that get tossed around a lot these days. They seem […]

Let Us Help Make Sense of the Latest Avaya Release | Avaya Upgrades

Making Sense of the Latest Avaya Release The latest Avaya release is always something to take note of — if you’re in the habit of upgrading regularly. This summer Avaya released the new IP Office with Avaya Equinox. This is a new cloud-based portfolio of business solutions. They also released a list of business upgrade […]

Avaya Aura Communication Manager Help | Installation, Maintenance

Communication, Communication, Communication. Every business is in the business of communicating. This is how businesses thrive: communicating information, communicating ideas, communicating value. Between customers and among staff, communication is crucial. For businesses that communicate in several different ways, it’s easy to lose control. Collaboration across teams gets messy in a hurry. Having staff in different […]