How to Avoid the High Cost of Upgrading Your Nortel CS1000 System

Pressure to Upgrade Your Nortel CS1000 System Upgrade? Don’t upgrade? The Nortel CS1000 end of support announcement leaves customers in a jam…right? Upgrading a phone system is incredibly costly. And Avaya, owner of Nortel and its longtime workhorse phone system, the Nortel CS1000 system, has declared its intention to stop supporting this product. And with […]

So Your Legacy Intuity Audix Voicemail System Has Died. What Now?

Has your Intuity Audix system failed? You may need to upgrade your whole communications system. Hasn’t failed yet? You may need to upgrade your system anyway. But then again, maybe not… The End of Legacy Intuity Audix Over a decade ago, Avaya announced the end of sale (and subsequent end of support life) for legacy […]

Powerful and Convenient – is Microsoft Office 365 Right For Your Business?

Most business owners would agree that Microsoft Office is great—but you’re not always in an office, are you? Your email works, and your employees succeed with Word and Excel. Your PowerPoint presentations get the job done. But nothing happens when your team isn’t at their desks in some office somewhere, right? Your business software doesn’t […]