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Frequently Asked Questions

That depends on the complexity of your setup, how elaborate your redesign, budget and available resources. A complex network that involves multiple locations, contact center re-design and a tight budget will probably need to look for a phased approach. Less complicated setups can be transitioned all at one, in a relatively short timeline without breaking the budget. Give us a call if you would like help thinking through your transition from on-premise Avaya or Nortel PBX to a cloud solution.

We simply mean taking the functions of your current on-premise PBX applications and moving them to a cloud based solution. This can take many forms including moving to a cloud provider like 8×8, Ring Central or Five9 or moving your existing setup to a private or public cloud platform. Many organizations are making choices like these to cut down on maintenance costs, increase mobility and to take advantage of the spectacular innovation going on in the cloud-based space.

Moving to the cloud can save significant costs by uprooting expensive carrier connectivity like POTS lines and PRIs, not to mention the costly maintenance of on-premise servers and infrastructure. Additionally, many organizations that move to the cloud are doing so because of the added functionality, security, mobility and innovation that a cloud system provides. All of which add up to an easy justification for moving to a cloud-based solution.

First, we recommend that you do some brainstorming to make sure that they are really required. If they are necessary, there are many creative ways to keep them in place alongside your cloud solution.