Fuze – Cloud-Based Unified Communications

Morgan Birgé is a proud partner of Fuze. When our customers are looking to move away from a premise based PBX, Fuze is the first partner that we recommend. Fuze is a true cloud PBX replacement that unifies global voice, conferencing, contact center and business intelligence, as well as integrating popular enterprise applications like Salesforce, GMail and Microsoft Exchange. Morgan Birgé chose Fuze as our partner because our values are aligned. Just like Morgan Birgé Fuze values customer service and takes great pride in creating a positive customer experience after their solution is installed. They don’t take a set it and forget approach like a lot of cloud telephony companies do, they get to know your business or organization so they can support their customers ever changing technology and communication needs.

Fuze for Enterprise and SMB

Whether you are a large enterprise or a growing SMB Fuze can create a solution that meets your needs and your budget. Fuze takes all the necessary steps at the beginning to make sure their solutions go in smoothly with few hiccups. Features like dedicated project managers, network readiness assessments, functional testing before deployment and extensive training are easy to take for granted, but they aren’t provided by most of Fuze competitors in the Cloud-based telephony space. We care about our customers which is why we have taken great care in choosing a cloud partner to align with.  When we recommend Fuze we know that their solutions will lead our customers in to the future of unified communications while still providing that great service they have to expect from a telecommunications partner.

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